Friday, July 8, 2011

Oh Hilarious!

So these two pictures never fail to make me crack up. I love whenever I stumble upon them...they're just as funny as the day it happened.

So here Mom is trying to take a picture of the two labs behaving themselves for Dusty. Jake, the black lab is mine and Reagan, the chocolate lab is Dusty's. So picture #1...normal...

Until we realize what is going on just feet away in the background...picture #2...hilarious...

Yes, yes...that is definitely Beau, the bulldog, dropping a deuce while we're taking cute pictures. It's not hilarious that Beau is taking a dump (he does that frequently...usually in threes, known as the "trifecta") but what's hilarious is the look on Dusty's face and the full out laughter that ensued. Just had to share!

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