Friday, July 22, 2011

It's coming together!!!

I cannot contain my excitement as I write this post! So, last weekend Joe and I were finally able to get out and look at suits. We started at Mens Wearhouse because that was the place that I had the best coupon. I mean if George says "I guarantee it" then the men better like the way they look, right? 
Although the staff were absolute idiots, they had EXACTLY the outfit I wanted the men to wear (and that Joe loved). Being that my profession is in customer service I had a hard time giving them the business. Actually I almost walked out. But what's a girl to do when they have exactly what I want and then have a BOGO sale coming up? Can't pass up a sale :) So they each get a CK suit for half the normal price, score!

I was thinking this would be an all day adventure, but thank the Lord it wasn't or Joe would've gone crazy.
Yesterday Joe and I went back to MW to fix a few issues we had (turned out to be nothing too major) and then David, Stuart and Dusty happened to be able to head up there to get sized. Since Joe was still filthy from working all day, David decided to be the male model. You're wondering why I didn't take pictures when Joe tried it all on last week? Yeah...mmmm too :(  But I got pictures yesterday and that's what matters!
We actually hadn't found the tie I wanted last weekend, but David (the fabulous helper that he was) actually found exactly what I wanted! I was SO glad I met up with them yesterday to get these final pieces resolved. AHHH RELIEF!
Anyway, as much as I would like to wait for you to see the bridal party outfits on the wedding day...I just CAN'T!!!!!!!!
It's a Calvin Klein linen suit, ivory dress shirt and then the fabulous tie! It's a stretch to do the linen in September but I think it'll look amazing! We also had considered brown sandals for the guys but I just don't think it will look right. Maybe for a beach...but we're going to be in the woods :) So they'll have a brown belt and then brown shoes of some kind. I just really don't want the guys (or the girls) to spend a ton of money :(
Here's a closer look at the ties we bought for them...just because I am SO excited about how perfect they are!!!
The ushers will wear the same ivory dress shirt, with the brown tie below and then just normal dockers. The brown tie is kinda hard to see but it has that same paisley type feel to it.
The guys will just have their cute vests on but Joe will have a vest and the suit jacket...super cute!

Now onto the GIRLS OUTFITS...which have come together SO amazingly. I just die!
My beautiful Matron of Honor found her dress and cowgirl boots already. They were asked to find a dress somewhere in the brown, linen, champagne, ivory line and basically just make sure it looks cute with whatever cowgirl boots they find. All of us girls, along with my Mama, Grandma and Auntie went dress shopping at the MOA back in May. I've encouraged them to wear a belt if they wear their hair however they would throw a flower in their hair...whatever it may be :)  I just love how it's not all matchy matchy. Each girl was able to find a dress that fit their frame and that hopefully they can wear again! So fun!
So that's all I got for now...can't wait til we finalize the ring bearer/flower girl outfits! That'll be a fun post for sure!

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  1. I'm lovin' it! Her dress is awesome, and the guys are going to look so sharp. :)