Monday, October 17, 2011

We Did It!!!

I married the man of my dreams on September 24th. I can't believe the big day has come and gone. All the preparations and planning! If I didn't have a new house to make a home I would probably be a crazy person right now. Now that it's not wedding blogs it's onto DIY house blogs and DIY gifts to make for Christmas. Yikes!

BUT...before the DIY postings I just need to share the pictures from some of those DIY projects we had done for the wedding. I received SO many compliments on all the handmade touches. My Mom and I worked our tushes off and it REALLY paid off!

AND...a tribute to "da Mama"...
She's gonna kill me for adding this...but this picture just shows how much joy this woman brings to a room. My dream wedding could NOT have happened if it wasn't for her. I am still in disbelief at everything her and my Dad did. Luckiest girl EVER!
OK...and...a tribute to Daddy-O!
This is that amazing guy that was painting, chopping, tying, drilling, etc. just to make sure my day was exactly how I always imagined it would be. Again, luckiest girl EVER!

Enough mushy stuff. On to the DIY's...yay!
Boots I found on sale, hair piece I found in a jewelry section and added a barrette to it, jersey willows Mom found at Sam's Club like back in July, $7 veil we added a comb to :) and then the programs we finished the night before...which I swore to myself I wouldn't do, but it happened, what can ya do...hehe
My beautiful Grandmother making my bouquet. We were brave souls and ordered all kinds of flowers from Sam's Club and had them delivered. Every blog I read said not to skimp on flowers and how I HAD to hire a florist...but I don't know, you tell me...they look freaking amazing. And the girls loved that they got to put their own unique bouquets together. 

Beautiful ladies...beautiful flowers! Whoop whoop!
I made the boutonnieres for the guys out of feathers and fake stuff from Michaels...well Grandma helped put them together...but SO nice to have them done and not have to worry about real flowers for the guys on the day of. And don't they look handsome in those Mens Wearhouse suits that were such a pain to get? 

This is funny...that hanger was from what my Mom's dress was on. The morning of I whipped up some cute decor to add to the hanger for when the photographer took pictures with my dress. Love it. That's just how we roll :)
Here's that cute menu board and easel my parents made me...looks pretty perfect with the menu on it!
And my nephews carrying the "here comes the bride" sign! SO CUTE!
And here's a sneak peek at "the wedding wall" that I had talked about. We used the frame off a canopy that had broken and those are dollar store frames that my Dad painted off-white/ivory for me. The metal frame was covered with wedding pictures of our was such a special tribute that meant so much to us!
Pie stands that were cut by Joe and painted by Dad
Table numbers I made stuck in sign holders my Dad made.
Here's what each centerpiece looked like. It's hard to see it all, but it's an ivory table cloth, with a burlap piece, then a big wood slice with 3 mason jars. A big jar with the jersey willows, medium jar with sunflowers and a small jar with a wildflower mix. The pail has homemade chocolate dipped pretzels (made to look like Birch) that were done by my Auntie! And the things at each person's place are these...
It was really important to Joe and I that each person know how much they really mean to us. Our favors (mini trees in burlap) had a cute thank you tag on them but just a "thank you" wouldn't have been enough. So not only did we do thank you favors, but my Mom and I designed these "place mats" with a heartfelt thank you and then we attached sticks, feathers, wheat grass and jute. And when I say "we" I really mean Mom, Dad, Grandma, Dusty, bridesmaids, etc. Almost everyone had a hand in helping with these and it was time consuming...but SO worth it!
As guests arrived they were greeted by two lovely ladies who handed them their program and found their seating tag for them (which then clipped right to their program). Guests were able to go straight from the ceremony to their table already knowing what table to go to! I made the tags and stamped the trees. Mom, Joe, Dusty, and I tied the bow's. Mom hand wrote out each tag (she also had written out all the invitation addresses...which looked amazing!) And then finally, Grandma placed a clothespin on each jute bow. Labor of love though :)
For some reason, early on, Mom and I had come up the idea to have earrings and these wristlets made for my girls. Back in April (I think it was) we found a lady at a craft show who sold these cute wristlets. I met with her and had her design some to match my theme. I then found the earring style I wanted and had a lady on Etsy make the girls' earrings. And for the final touch to the bridesmaids gifts, Mom and I found vintage handkerchiefs. It was such a cute little package!

  There were so many more custom touches...but these are some of the fun ones...for now. So much love put into one special day. Thank you to everyone who put in the time and effort. Every detail was absolutely perfect!

Oh and one more thing...gotta have some it girls!